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Tegl Bowl - Mondrian

Image of Tegl Bowl - Mondrian


These sculptural, geometric bowls are hand-made in Brunswick, Victoria.


They have been featured in The Design Files, Vogue Living, and Furnishing International.

The bowls are made from high-quality Birch ply popular in Scandinavia, and finished with food-grade water-based polyurethane. They are food safe and water-resistant and can be used for salads, fruit and other food. They can be washed with warm water and soap.

I designed these bowls while living in Copenhagen. They were partly influenced by the location of my workshop on ‘Teglgårdstræde’ (tile yard street) within the old city walls and the interlocking patterns of tiles that this name suggests.

The Tegl Bowl is named from the Danish word 'tegl' (pronounced 'tile') for tile or brick. Perfect for fruit!

Mondrian reflects the inspired palette of .... well, Piet Mondrian, of course.

Weight: 0.35 kg
Height: 15 cm
Width: 35 cm
Length: 35 cm

Note that patterns vary slightly between bowls.